A Brighter Future for All Youth

The Calgary Police Youth Foundation is a charitable organisation that has a purpose to keep children and youth safe from crime and victimisation.


The Calgary Police Youth Foundation, in collaboration with the Calgary Police Service and other community partners, supports youth programming in Calgary that provides wrap around services to individuals who are at risk of criminal involvement or becoming victims of crime.

Through education, prevention, early intervention, and risk reduction strategies, those who need our help the most have the resources they need to stay safe.


  • 10% of crime in Calgary is committed by Youth
  • 1631 Youth offenders in 2017
  • 25% increase in Youth victims since 2017


By supporting the Calgary Police Youth Foundation YOU are making a difference in our communities. Together we can help over 30,000 children and youth every year stay safe from crime and victimisation. Get involved and join the many Calgarians who want to build a better tomorrow for children and youth TODAY.

Join the hundreds of Calgarians who already support the Calgary Police Youth Foundation:

  • 100+ Volunteers
  • 3,500+ Individuals
  • 400+ Community Partners

Our Mission & Vision

The Calgary Police Youth Foundation is a registered charity committed to keeping Calgary’s youth safe from crime and victimisation. Through the Programs funded by the Calgary Police Youth Foundation and delivered by the Calgary Police Service and other community partners, over 30,000 youth annually are provided with education, crime prevention, early intervention, and risk reduction resources intended to support a crime free life.

By connecting with youth in their developmental years we can ensure that they receive emotional and practical support at a time in their lives when it is most impactful. With your help, we can forge a promising future where children and youth can thrive and become responsible citizens.

A Word

From Our Executive Director

“The Calgary Police Youth Foundation has an important mission to keep all children and youth in Calgary safe from crime and victimisation. Our goal is that all children live a life filled with possibilities and achievement.  When we see our youngest citizens walking on a dangerous road, the Calgary Police Youth Foundation starts  paving another one.  We do not do this alone. We do it with the help and generous support from community spirited Calgarians who believe that in order to help children become great citizens we must prepare them to live a life free of crime. We collaborate and align our efforts with other child-youth agencies in Alberta and we are very proud to partner with the Calgary Police Service.  Through our partnership, Calgary children and youth have timely access to crime prevention, education and intervention resources when they need them. Above all else, we prioritise the safety of our children and youth ensuring our children remain emotionally and mentally strong as they navigate at times a complex and confusing world. We hope that today, tomorrow and always they can count on your support. “

– Susan Cron

Multi Agency School Support Team (MASST)

Emily’s Story

Emily was referred to MASST due to struggles with anxiety and expressing her emotions. From a young age, Emily has had involvement with Child and Family Services. Her mother struggled with addition and her father was absent most of the time, which resulted in Emily and her brother being removed from their care.

Unfortunately, a few years ago Emily received news that her father had passed away. As her mother was experiencing homelessness at the time, Emily and her brother were taken in by their grandparents. This resulted in Emily struggling to develop trusting relationships with adults and led to problems at school.

Through MASST, Emily was able to find healthy ways to express her emotions and develop coping strategies to help deal with the struggles she was facing. Emily and her Grandmother grew very close to her MASST team and they became comfortable asking for additional support when needed. MASST used Emily’s love of nature and animals to engage with her and even sent her to a camp where she could nurture horses and bond with peers. Emily also enjoys singing and with her newfound confidence, she starred in her school’s Christmas Opera production. This was a huge accomplishment for Emily.

Over the holidays, Emily learned that her mother had passed away. With the support of MASST and her loving grandparents, Emily continues to cope with this incredible loss. Despite everything that Emily has been through, we are continuously inspired by her positive outlook on life and are confident that MASST has taught her the skills needed to deal with anything that comes her way.

Integrated School Support Program (ISSP)

Supporting students attending Patrick Airlie and Holy Trinity schools who are aged 5 – 12 to help with their physical, emotional, psychological, nutritional and academic needs.

Multi Agency School Support Team (MASST)

MASST is an early intervention, school-based program that supports children (5-12 years) who are exhibiting behavior which puts them at risk for negative, possibly criminal patterns of behaviour or victimization into teen years.

Youth at Risk Development Program (YARD)

The Youth at Risk Development (YARD) program is a community-based, early intervention program that supports youth ages 10-17 that are currently at risk, affiliated with a gang, or involved in gang activity

YouthLink Calgary Police Interpretive Centre

An interactive learning centre that provides education for youth in four core areas: Drugs, Gangs, Online Safety and Healthy Relationships

Calgary Police Cadet Corps

A community-based program for youth ages 12-18 that focuses on policing, leadership, education and good citizenship.

Power Play

Power Play is a free, weekly hockey (winter) and soccer (summer) program that engages youth ages six to 17 and their families.

Bridges to Brighter Futures

Bridges to Brighter Futures is a child and youth crime prevention, education and intervention Program which includes multiple targeted community engagement initiatives led by the Calgary Police Service in collaboration with the Calgary Police Youth Foundation.