#DriveSafeyyc Video Campaign

The Calgary Police Youth Foundation (CPYF) and the Calgary Police Service (CPS) Traffic Section are proud to officially launch our #DriveSafeYYC video campaign. This campaign consists of three mini videos, each highlighting a specific issue teens and students face while on the road. The three main topics are: impaired driving, distracted driving, and speed. The videos examine the dangers associated with each of these topics and illustrate good driver choices, all with the purpose of educating new drivers and building trust between police officers, new drivers and teenage students. 

CPYF and members of the CPS Traffic Section are also partnering to provide five in-school presentations to students. In these presentations, students will watch the three mini-videos and have a more in-depth discussion with the CPS Traffic Section and/or a School Resource Officer. Students will each be provided with a uniquely branded key lanyard as a keepsake of the presentation.

#DriveSafeYYC is one of many initiatives planned for 2022 between the Calgary Police Youth Foundation and the Calgary Police Service as a part of the Bridges to Brighter Futures program – proudly supported by Shaw Family Foundation. Bridges to Brighter Futures provides children and youth the opportunity to positively interact with CPS officers in their community while learning about staying safe from victimization and crime.

#DriveSafeYYC Videos


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