Power Play

Power Play is a free, weekly program that provides children and youth ages 6-17 with the opportunity to learn how to play hockey and soccer with Calgary Police Service officers in a safe and supportive environment.

Power Play helps to foster trust and understanding between the police and members of diverse and marginalized communities while helping to make sport available to those who may not have ready access to recreational sport.

Power Play serves approximately 70 children and youth per week throughout both the hockey and soccer season. Power Play Hockey runs on Wednesday evenings from October to March at Max Bell arena, while Power Play soccer runs from June to August at Father Lacombe School.


For general inquiries about the Power Play Program, please email: [email protected].

Program Highlights

Children and Youth Participated in Power Play Soccer in 2022

Participants are provided with free ice time at Max Bell Arena and play soccer at Father Lacombe School

Average Number of Volunteers Per Week

Participants are provided with equipment, transportation and healthy snacks to ensure the program is accessible for everyone

Children and Youth Attended Power Play Hockey in 2022

Lives Changed

Vesko’s Story

Vesko came to Power Play facing some personal struggles. He was lonely and was searching for friendship and connection. 

Vesko had never skated before coming to Power Play but was eager to learn! Through his strength and perseverance, Vesko is now a great skater and regularly engages fellow participants in games on the ice.

Vesko has also really come out of his shell at Power Play. He has made a ton of new friends on and off the ice, and prides himself on never leaving anyone out of the fun.

Learn more about Vesko’s Power Play experience in this special featured video (left).

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