Youth At Risk Development Program

The Youth at Risk Development (YARD) program is a community-based, early intervention program that supports youth ages 10-17 that are currently at risk, affiliated with a gang, or involved in gang activity.  YARD is delivered in partnership by the Calgary Police Service (CPS), the City of Calgary – Calgary Neighbourhoods (CN), and Alberta Health Services (AHS).

The five YARD teams, which include an Indigenous focused team, consist of a police officer and a registered social worker who work closely with the youth client, their families, schools, and community agencies. Additionally, YARD has the benefit of a clinician provided through Alberta Health Services for those clients with more acute mental health needs.

YARD develops an individualized case plan for each youth, based on their unique circumstances, to assist them in avoiding or leaving the gang lifestyle.  The program is client-driven in that youth with the support of their team develop and work on goals in the following areas: improving interpersonal relationships, improving mental health and wellness, increased life skills and increased prosocial activities. Participation in the YARD program is voluntary.

Program Highlights


of Clients in YARD are Male

Social workers help vulnerable youth navigate negative peer groups, unsafe homes, poverty and more.


of YARD Clients are Indigenous


YARD helps youth prioritize education by providing them with tutors, councillors, school supplies and more.

Number of Clients on 2022 Caseload

Lives Changed

Jacob’s Story

Jacob’s Story

Jacob was referred to the YARD program by his Youth Probation Officer in March 2019. He was referred because he had at least 1 incident resulting in a conviction charge, no positive adult role...

Phillip’s Story

Phillip’s Story

My name is Phillip and I am a graduate of the youth at Risk Development Program (YARD). When I was younger I was breaking into cars, stealing, smashing bus shelters, skipping school, and hanging out...

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