About us

The Calgary Police Foundation, operating as the Calgary Police Youth Foundation, has a purpose to educate children and youth about good citizenship, safe communities, policing and avoiding victimisation and criminality.

We do this by supporting seven child and youth Programs that focus on crime prevention, education, early intervention, and risk reduction. The Programs target areas where the need is the greatest and help us create a community where all children and youth have the opportunity to thrive and succeed. These Programs are delivered by the Calgary Police Service (CPS) and other agency partners including the City of Calgary – Calgary Neighbourhoods, and Alberta Health Services.

We believe that the crime prevention, education, and intervention Programs delivered by the Calgary Police Service and other community partners are best in class and provide a blueprint model for other police services across Canada to follow.

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Our Story

The Calgary Police Youth Foundation has a short and impactful history in the Calgary community, beginning with supporting the establishment of the Child Advocacy Centre in 2011. Today’s organisation continues to prioritise the safety and well-being of Calgary’s children and youth by funding six crime prevention, education, intervention Programs delivered by the Calgary Police Service and other community partners, including Alberta Health Services and City of Calgary, Calgary Neighbourhoods.

Our Promise: A Brighter Future for All Youth

Strategic Priorities:

  • Focus on Core Business
  • Practice Fiscal Discipline
  • Stabilize Revenue Streams
  • Increase Number of Donors
  • Foster Strong Relationships with Individuals, Corporate and Community Partners
  • Enhance Communications and Marketing

Business Plan Objectives:

  • Collaboration and alignment of efforts across child-youth agencies
  • Calgary youth have timely access to crime prevention, education, and early intervention resources
  • Children accessing CPYF funded Programs demonstrate good citizenship, are mentally and emotionally strong, and are responsible digital citizens
  • Safety of all children and youth in Calgary is a top priority
  • Initiatives targeting Indigenous youth are implemented
  • CPYF Program support is based on evidence-based research and evaluation

Child and Youth Programming

Integrated School Support Program (ISSP)

ISSP is a crime prevention initiative that provides essential services to address a variety of needs in two elementary schools in Calgary. The goal is to improve academic performance and the social, emotional, and physical well-being of children.

Multi Agency school support program (MASST)

MASST is an early intervention, school-based program that supports children (5-12 years) who are exhibiting behavior which puts them at risk for negative, possibly criminal patterns of behaviour or victimization into teen years.

Youth at risk development program (YARD)

The Youth at Risk Development (YARD) program is a community-based, early intervention program that supports youth ages 10-17 that are currently at risk, affiliated with a gang, or involved in gang activity.

Bridges to brighter futures

Bridges to Brighter Futures is a child and youth crime prevention, education and intervention Program which includes multiple targeted community engagement initiatives led by the Calgary Police Service in collaboration with the Calgary Police Youth Foundation.

Power Play

Power Play is a free, weekly drop-in program that engages youth ages six to 17, and gives them the opportunity to learn how to skate and play soccer while interacting with CPS officers in a safe and supportive environment.

Calgary Police Cadet Corps

The Calgary Police Cadet Corps engages youth in a positive way by focusing on policing, while developing leadership skills, gaining education and enhancing physical fitness – all with the support of the Calgary Police Service.

Youthlink Calgary Police Interpretive Centre

YouthLink delivers relevant and captivating content, provoking youth to confront the issues of their time, make positive life choices and become responsible citizens in their communities.

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See the lives you have helped change

Jacob Gerbrandt

Jacob Gerbrandt

The 2022 Chief Youth Courage Award recipient for the Integrated School Support Program (ISSP) is Jacob. Jacob is an eleven year old student who attended Patrick Airlie Elementary School from...

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Mamdouh Baballa

Mamdouh Baballa

Mamdouh Baballa met the team from MASST at age 10. As the oldest of four siblings and new to Canada, Mamdouh didn’t always have the easiest time growing up. His family faced many challenges,...

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Mateo Smith

Mateo Smith

Mateo has been a member of the Calgary Police Cadet Corps for the past four years. During his time in the program, Mateo has continued to grow and has developed a strong sense of citizenship. He has...

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