This year’s recipient for the YouthLink Calgary Chief Youth Courage Award is twelve-year-old, Harveer. Harveer attended YouthLink Calgary’s summer camp twice. Throughout the summer, her camp leaders were continuously blown away by her kindness, thirst for knowledge, and leadership skills.

Harveer worked diligently to ensure that all of the other campers felt included and she would never shy away from difficult topics, like when CPS would address the Black Lives Matter movement. The YouthLink camp instructors also learned that Harveer would regularly discuss what she had learned with her parents and would engage other campers in meaningful discussions about how they could apply their learnings in school.

Harveer’s inclusivity also set an amazing example for the other campers. Throughout the summer, Harveer assisted another youth who was a wheelchair user so that they could participate in all of the camp activities. Her efforts had a very positive impact on the group as a whole, and the YouthLink staff were touched by her actions.

Since completing her YouthLink Calgary summer camp, Harveer is now working to join the Calgary Police Cadet Corps and has a goal to pursue journalism as a career. Our team has no doubt that Harveer will succeed in anything she puts her mind to and that she is well on her way to becoming an outstanding citizen for our community.


What do you want people to know about you? I want people to know that I am approachable and that I will help them or be there for them if they need it.

Who is your hero? Oprah! She had a tough childhood and now dedicates her life to charity work. She understands people and wants to help others.

If you would live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Paris. It is so beautiful there and I would have a croissant every morning.

What do you think are the main reasons youth get involved in crime? If they have bad influences in their lives, too much spare time, or they don’t feel like they belong or are accepted in society.

What do you think could prevent youth from getting involved in crime? Parent involvement, caring for each other, and sports or hobbies to divert their time and energy to something positive.

What do you do for fun? I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading, writing, and dance! I do ballet, contemporary and Indian classical.

What are your goals? This year I want to volunteer more and join the CPS Cadet Corps. Long term, I want to finish high school and go to university for journalism.

How would you describe your perfect day? I would like to take a road trip with my family through England, UK.